A walk by the sea (part 3) -- Helsingborg to Höganäs


This is part 3 of the stories of my vacation in summer 2017 around west coast of Sweden.

Day 3 (2017-07-15) -- Helsingborg to Höganäs

This was the second day of the hike. My plan was to keep walking along the coast until Höganäs, which is 20 km north of Helsingborg. It was a long walk.

Out of Helsingborg

I started at 7 am when the morning when the city was still in hangover from last night. (On the photos it looks like midday. But the sun rises before 5 am in July's Sweden.) On my way out of the city, it surprised me that in a place as small as Helsingborg, there are still so a lot to see. And everything looked pretty under bright sunshine with complete quietness. Walk Walk Walk Walk Do you see the bird in the photo? It took me some time to realize that this was actually a real bird. Walk Denmark is never far away. Walk

Walk, walk, and walk

Helsingborg is the last proper city on this hike. But many small towns scattered along the coast. A lot of the time, I walked between the sea and people's gardens. Yet the road was so empty that it felt like all the people had abandoned their lovely homes. Walk Walk Only the curious dogs reminded me that people actually live here. Walk And they actually have their own beaches here. Walk

Höganäs is so far away, it was not even on the road sign. The only thing kept me going is a thermal of black tea. Walk Walk

When I rested at a small fishing town Viken, I was by invited a gentleman to visit a tiny museum with many amazing ship models. He pointed at one and asked me "Do you see the cannon there? Can you guess what that was for." "Aha, for pirates!" "NO. NO. That's for warning other ships when there is frog!" Walk

Of course, between towns there are also many beaches and a lot of wilderness. I had to be careful to not to stare too much on the beaches though. Walk Walk Walk

There were so many flowers blooming on the trail that I was constantly afraid of bee attacking (more people die each year in Sweden for bees than for bears). Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk


When I finally got to Höganäs after six long hours. The first thing I did was to not to find my AirBnb place, but to find this sign and take a photo as proof of mission complete. I am really obsessed with planing and carrying out plans!


I went to swim at Höganäs's city beach after see many people in the water and a sign saying "18 degree". It was a bad idea. I was freezing. The cold reminded me of the movie Titanic. Swedish people are tough!

I had the biggest pizza in my whole life that night. It was big enough for three people. I had it all by myself. The waiter was quite impressed. It was a pity my phone was out of battery!

After dinner, I went for grocery by, of course, walking. This is where you have to pass by for grocery in a small Swedish town. Walk