Course I have taught

When I was a PhD student in McGill University (Canada), I mostly gave some lectures on algorithms and programming. Now at Uppsala University, I teach mathematics courses.

I like to use computer to create teaching resources. Here are some material I created for courses that I taught. Feel free to use any of them in your own teaching. You can also contact me if you need the source code.

How do I teach

When I teach, I always try to remind myself what Doron Zeilberger (a pioneer in computer-assisted proofs) wrote --

Premature Abstraction, and Unrealistic Expectations, are the Root of All Evil.

If I can, I always prefer to give students concrete examples than doing an abstract proof on the blackboard.

Do you need a supervisor?

If you are a bachelor or master student at Uppsala University, I am happy to supervise you. You can contact my previous students if you want to be sure if I am a good supervisor!