A walk by the sea (part 4) -- Kullen fry (Kullen lighthouse)


This is part 4 of the stories of my vacation in summer 2017 around west coast of Sweden.

In many way, this was a memorable day in my life. Yet it took me nearly 3 years to finally spend 30 minutes to write something about it. Life is not short. It's just we find excuses not to do things.

Day 4 (2017-07-16) -- Kullen fry (Kullen lighthouse)

When I started walking in the morning, it began to drizzle a bit. But instead of being worried I got a bit excited because I have my rain jacket! I even sprayed it with water proof coating before I left Uppsala. How well prepared I was! 😁

Very soon I realized how naive I was. My rain jacket was Okay, but my jeans were not water proof. So I walked for 10 km in water soaked jeans until I got to the next town Mölle. If you want to know how it felt like, just look at the expression on my face.

The rain

At the nice little cafe Mölle Krukmakeri, I had one of the most delicious tea and salad in my life. Socrates says hunger is the greats relish. I would say that soak yourself in heaving rains for two hours also works.


I changed in a pair of dry jeans and began the final journey journey to the very tip of Kullen peninsula. It was only 4 kilo meters on map, but this was 4 kilo meters hilly trails. And then the rain began to pouring down and wind began to blow. That was a hell of a wind. At that I began to realize three things --

  1. Home is really good.
  2. I probably won't get a sudden awakening of the meaning of life in this miserable situation, which was my initial aim of this trip.
  3. I do not know what number to call for emergency in Sweden.


Soon I found some company on the trail. People who are "stoic" are often compared with emotionless cow standing in the rain. I think sheep are also quite stoic in this sense.


Finally, the light house. Looks so unremarkable three years later. Yet at that time, I was so happy to get there I took 20 photos of it.

Light house

The wind was so strong there that I had to hold my hat all the time.

Light house

If you look at this picture of the Kullen peninsula, you would be able to see where I started that day. It is a little bit to the right end of the picture. I walked from there all the way to the tip at the bottom. I did not learn what the meaning of life is. But I did learn that if you keep going, sooner or later you will get to your destiny.

Hope my story may cheer you up a bit in the middle of a pandemic. 😁

Light house

By the way, it was not a good idea to walk in heavy rains with your passport. It may never become flat again.

Light house