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Several Variable Calculus 1MA017, Sep 2020

I give tutorials to group A of students for the course Several Variable Calculus 1MA017 (September 2020) at Uppsala University …

Harmonic number and Zeta functions explained in Julia (part 1)

This is part 1 of a series explaining what is Harmonic number and it's connection with Zeta functions. The post …

Two 3-d cyclic integrals by Mathematica

This post is converted to Markdown from this Mathematica notebook thanks to the M2MD package by Kuba Podkalicki.

I came …

Proving an inequality with Julia and interval arithmetic

I want thank David P. Sanders and Benoît Richard for helping me go through the problems I met while writing …

Several Variable Calculus 1MA017, Autumn 2019 (Archive)

I just finished teaching the course Several Variable Calculus 1MA017 (Autumn 2019) at Uppsala University. Here are the materials that …

The joy of experimental mathematics

I came across an interesting identity on

The Convexity Property Related to Beta Densities

Density function of Beta[3,7]

(This is a question asked by Tilo Wiklund recently on our group meeting.)