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A random graph model with 2-point-concentrated diameter

Consider a random multi-graph process \(G_{m}(t)\) constructed with the following procedure. Let \(G_{m}(1)\) be just a …

Bak-Sneppen model

I just did some simulation on Bak-Sneppen model, you can check it out at GitHub.

Proving an inequality with Julia and interval arithmetic

I want thank David P. Sanders and Benoît Richard for helping me go through the problems I met while writing …

Long runs in coin tosses

The Nested Radical Constant

My colleagues at Uppsala University regularly give some puzzles to everyone. We got the following one for this week. I …

RandomTree.jl -- Simulation on large random trees with Julia

I have been working on a software package RandomTree.jl that could effectively generate pretty large (\(10^8\) nodes) random …

The joy of experimental mathematics

I came across an interesting identity on

The pitfall of using rand() for simulation

This was probably the first simulation I did. How naive I was!