The Strahler-Horton number on random trees

We list some open problems regarding the Strahler-Horton number on random trees \(T_n\).

The moment of truncated random variables

Given a random variable \(Y\), sometimes we want to compute the expectation of \(Y[Y\le a]\), where \([P]=1 …

The Convexity Property Related to Beta Densities -- In sage

This is a continuation of my previous post on beta distribution.

My colleague Tilo wants me to use Sagemath instead …

Another version of Chernoff's bound and a Mathematica package for it

Chernoff's bound is a group of quite well-known concentration-inequalities. I though I know it but last week my collage Gabriel …

The Convexity Property Related to Beta Densities

Density function of Beta[3,7]

(This is a question asked by Tilo Wiklund recently on our group meeting.)

Notes about Mathematica

I am trying to use more and more computer algebra system in my work. Here I collect some useful links …

Choices of Linear Programming Solver

At the time of written, I was TA for COMP 362, Honors Algorithm Design at McGill University. This post was written for the students.

Some quotes from mathematicians

Twenty Pieces of Advice for a Young (and also not so young) Mathematician --

Learn to use and write programs in …

The pitfall of using rand() for simulation

This was probably the first simulation I did. How naive I was!